About Us

 SRN Architects Inc., is an Architectural firm that offers a full range of design services to the fields of High Rise Residential. Commercial, Institutional and Industrial building. Bringing together the creative energies and industry experience of Rob Nicolucci, Vincent Santamaura and Joseph Salvatore, the firm combines over 80 years of industry activity and experience.


Led by Rob Nicolucci, Vincent Santamaura, and Joseph Salvatore, a team of Architects and Technologists create and design new and exciting buildings. New linked single townhomes and stacked townhouse condominium units are recent examples of innovative building forms that have been redesigned. The high quality of service has resulted in many repeated projects with clients, and has allowed for the building of long-term relationships.


More recently, SRN Architects Inc., has been applying its many years of experience towards Community Design and Infill site plans. Becoming involved in the initial stages of a project’s design, SRN Architects Inc., applies its expertise in creating building configurations that reflect the Building Owner’s program, ensures efficient site plan development, and provides its services throughout the project. Additional services include unit yield feasibility studies, preparation and review of Draft Zoning By-laws, Architectural Control Guidelines, Sustainable and Heritage design.

Our philosophy is that architecture can and must offer a practical and meaningful contribution to the way we live and work. Our projects derive their designs from an in-depth analysis of the Clients’ development program and budget. Building materials and exterior treatment are determined only after a careful consideration of the program, budget and environment.


We achieve this by working closely with our Clients, mediating their aspirations and goals throughout the various phases of the project, from initial conceptual design to the selection of builders, until final completion and occupancy. This close contract guarantees not just our clients’ satisfaction but also eliminates any gap between design and practical needs, and between designers and the ultimate uses of the project.

It is our belief that the design process must exercise both sensitivity and realism towards achieving a successful resolution. Projects are not viewed insolation, rather as a part of the fabric of the urban community. Building designs respond to environmental needs, functional requirements, type of use and occupancy.

SRN Architects Inc., have considerable experience in a wide variety of building types, including office and recreational facilities, churches, banks, institutional buildings, low to high rise residential housing, industrial plants and commercial centres. The Principals and staff have also provided extensive services in restoration and renovation work, space planning, interior design, site and facility planning, urban design studies; for both public and private sectors.

In its commitment to excellence, SRN Architects Inc., provides a total involvement in the project from the preliminary planning stage to total construction completion, with a comprehensive follow-up to ensure the total implementation of the program. The staff are highly trained and specialized in the multifaceted aspects of the design discipline, from design and planning to architectural technology, specification and field work.